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Safe & User-Friendly Ethereum Wallet

UP is 100% open source and does not take custody of any digital assets. Not only does UP make asset management on the Ethereum blockchain easier for its users, it also supports the Loopring protocol for decentralized transactions.

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Wallet Features

Simple, Elegant Design

The simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started. UP is suitable for everyone, from the curious newcomer to the seasoned cryptocurrency trader.

100% Open-source Code

UP is built upon the underlying open-source code of the Loopring protocol. We invite any individual or organization to review the code to verify that our private key management is, in fact, rigorous and risk-free.

Zero Asset Custody

UP keeps your private keys encrypted in your device, and safeguards them from ever being exposed to the network, so that your assets remain entirely under your control.

Order-matched Transactions

UP supports the Loopring protocol for decentralized exchange, so placing orders no longer require additional withdrawal or deposit of funds. Since assets may remain in the wallet until order settlement, the entire transaction is risk-free and trustless.

P2P Trading

The Loopring protocol allows decentralized peer-to-peer trading by means of QR code sharing. This permits the exchange of various ERC20 Tokens without having to rely on a third-party.

Supports All Tokens

UP is convenient for handling all your different ERC20 Assets, eliminating the need to manage multiple Ethereum wallets. As long as they are of ERC20 standard, you may directly manage all your token keys with the same UP wallet.

Multi-address Management

With UP, you can import multiple Ethereum wallet addresses through the use of mnemonics, keystores, private keys, and more.

Switch between multiple addresses effortlessly.

Complete ERC20 Token Support

UP has customized and integrated more than two hundred ERC20 token icons to facilitate the management of mainstream ERC20 tokens.

Built-in Decentralized Exchange

UP's very own built-in decentralized exchange operates under the Loopring protocol, allowing you to place orders without immobilizing your assets. Placing orders no longer require the order amount to be held at the exchange, removing restriction on your assets. As soon as a trade is complete, your acquired tokens will be transferred directly to your desired address.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

Why should a trade between two individuals require third-party arbitration? The Loopring protocol supports direct exchange between two wallets by means of QR code sharing. With UP, peer-to-peer trades are settled instantly, without risk of foul play. Wallets QR codes can be shared in-person for direct exchange, or amongst a group remotely to transact with multiple individuals.

User Reviews

Telegram Community Member, Jonathan Lee

This is a great wallet app, better and simpler than imtoken. You Can really tell how much time the developers spend on this app. Most of all, the app is fully open source!

Loopring Protocol CMO, Jay Zhou

You need a noncustodial wallet like UP, with decentralized trading built in to make trading of tokens as easy as making a one-way transfer. Thank Up Blockchain to choose Loopring's DEX solution.

Secbit Lab Member, Yu Guo

We have completed extensive code auditing for Loopring's Loopr-iOS app, and have not found severe security bugs, and all found issues have been taken care of by the team. We believe open-source is the ultimate approach for achieving a higher level of security.

User, Chen Lei

Finally, we have an adorable Ethereum wallet to use on my iPhone with a built-in DEX. We hope the built-in DEX's liquidity and trading volume can pick up soon. Well done, Loopring!


Will UP backup my private keys on their server?

No, UP is strictly a decentralized wallet. Our principle is that the user's private keys should remain only in the wallet, with no exposure to the network, including the backend servers. Users are solely responsible for the backup of their private keys!

What is the difference between UP wallet and Loopring's official Loopr wallet?

While the first release of the UP wallet is based on Loopring's open-source Loopr wallet, users can expect to see many unique new features in the subsequent versions.

How does the “Referral Program” work?

Recommend UP to your friends through our internal referral function and receive 20% of the transaction fees they generate as a reward. Whenever your friends place orders using their new wallets, your share of the fees will be transferred via the Loopring protocol directly to an address held within your wallet. The more friends you refer to UP, the more you earn.

If I am experiencing difficulties with the wallet, how can I contact the UP team?

You can send an email to Regarding related issues, you may also reach out to our strategic partner, the Loopring Foundation.

What are you waiting for?

You no longer have to place your confidence in vulnerable centralized platforms. Embrace the "trustless" system, a fundamental pillar of the blockchain, and regain full authentic control over your digital assets. Get started now with UP.

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